Universal Pictures

The Fall Guy

David Leitch's love letter to Hollywood's stunt performers and their work soars with its charismatic all-star cast, practical effects and a Guinness World Record for the most cannon rolls performed in a car.
As we didn't have the pleasure of using crash pads, we had to really nail the landing on this campaign, which included adapting and localising an array of print and digital assets that captured Blunt and Gosling's explosive on-screen chemistry.

Localised Titles | Line Arts
Localised Titles | RGB

Localised 1-Sheets | Teaser
Localised 1-Sheets | Megaphone
Localised 1-Sheets | Surfing

Localised Environment Shots

"I'm not the hero of this story. I'm just a stunt guy."

We took over Sydney's Glebe Island silos billboard, which sits at over 1,000 square metres (the largest in the Southern Hemisphere), localising the backdrop to Universal's death-defying stunt to kick off The Fall Guy's global press tour!

Localised Digital Out of Home Australia | Bad Decisions

Concessions | Drinks Cup
Concessions | Gift Cards
Concessions | Popcorn Bucket

Localised Digital iTunes Packshots | Parallax LSR

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