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Bob Marley: One Love

Bob Marley: One Love is a 2024 musical biopic based on the life of iconic reggae singer and songwriter Bob Marley, and we really felt the love while working on this title. We created an array of print and digital materials, from Instagram teasers to billboards and wallscapes that proclaimed Marley’s message loud and clear. We built living one sheets that captured the charisma of Marley’s legendary performances, and localised materials for audiences in everywhere from Argentina to Vietnam.
Bob Marley’s music made an impact all over the world, so the global campaign for Bob Marley: One Love needed to reach as wide an audience as possible. At XYi, we were proud to repurpose the original movie artwork for over 70 countries, spreading the magic of the revolutionary musician far and wide.

Localised 1-Sheets | Teaser
Localised 1-Sheets | Raised Fist
Localised 1-Sheets | Concert

Localised Digital Out of Home | Raised Fist

Localised Titles | Line Arts
Localised Titles | Rendered RGB

Bob Marley: One Love set a record in Jamaica, where it premiered, for the country’s biggest box office opening of all-time, grossing $100,000 on its opening day.*
(*correct at time of publication)

Localised Environment shots

96 Sheet | Rasta Raised Fist

96 Sheet | Concert

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