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Fast X

Fast X saw Dominic Toretto and his family confront their most lethal opponent yet, Dante Reyes, a man fuelled by a thirst for revenge. The tenth instalment in this franchise saw its biggest cast and boldest set pieces, giving us the exciting opportunity to shift the global outdoor campaign up a gear.
We created Living One Sheets that brought the immensely star-studded cast to life, and captured the balletic action sequences in our digital and print materials. We had the ride of a lifetime working with the Fast Family on this worldwide adventure!

Localised 1-Sheets | Teaser
Localised 1-Sheets | Montage

Out of Home | 96 Sheets

Localised Digital Out of Home | Stole
Localised Digital Out of Home | Ensemble

"It's a legacy that will go on for generations."

Fast X has taken the franchise's global box office past $7 billion world wide.*
(*correct at time of publication)

Localised Titles | Line Arts
Localised Titles | Rendered RGB

Concessions | Loyalty Cards
Concessions | Popcorn Bucket
Concessions | Floor Vinyl

Localised Environment shots

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